Sunday, 23 December 2012

Friends: For A Colorful Life!

It was yet another day for me when I was sad and suffocated, seeing my world being stagnant in a bad phase and resisting to move on. I felt as if my life is collapsing like a castle of cards and my vision was getting blurred. It was loud and chaotic around me but still I was all alone until one phone call turned things upside down. A friend from far away called me to know how I was doing and I had nothing popping in my head other than the good times we had together once and how much I want to be with her now and laugh out loud on our silly nothings. As I woke up happy today, it suddenly occurred to me, why I am so happy that I almost forgot what I was worried about till yesterday?  I don’t reckon a person who has no crazy stories to share about friends, but what are friends really for?

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