Monday, 17 February 2014

Health Benefits of Eating Onion

Though onions have become very expensive in the market these days, and it is difficult to afford a lot of them at a time for most of us. But it is undeniable that these expensive vegetables are loaded with goodness. Here are five reasons why they are so good for your health, and why the price of these little goodies should come down immediately to make it avail for all of us:

1. It Protects the Grey Matter: onions are a very good source of antioxidant quercetin. They are very important to protect the brain. This kind of flavonoid helps to prevent muscle fibres from damaging caused due to intense exercises.

2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy: The pungent and irritating odour that arises from a cut onion is due to the sulphur content in it, which is also called the allyl sulphide. These compounds may help protect your blood vessels and the damage that cholesterol could cause them.

3. Strengthens Bones: In a study in 2009, it was medical proved that those women who ate onions daily had a greater density of their bones than those who don’t eat them at all. The regular onion eaters had 205 less chances of a hip fracture in their middle ages.

4. Reduces Risks of Cancer: The flavonoids in an onion helps to ward off the causes and chances to cause cancer, like the breast cancer.

5. Aids to Your Digestion: Onions are loaded with some special type of fibres, which are very good for digestion of food in your stomach, whenever you have an upset stomach, try to eat a whole of onion, mixed in some salad to prevent stomach aches.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Friends: For A Colorful Life!

It was yet another day for me when I was sad and suffocated, seeing my world being stagnant in a bad phase and resisting to move on. I felt as if my life is collapsing like a castle of cards and my vision was getting blurred. It was loud and chaotic around me but still I was all alone until one phone call turned things upside down. A friend from far away called me to know how I was doing and I had nothing popping in my head other than the good times we had together once and how much I want to be with her now and laugh out loud on our silly nothings. As I woke up happy today, it suddenly occurred to me, why I am so happy that I almost forgot what I was worried about till yesterday?  I don’t reckon a person who has no crazy stories to share about friends, but what are friends really for?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Indoor Air Pollution-Threat Inside Your House!

Gone are those days when we used to live in a house with open windows and let the fresh air sweep in, but in this decade where the city-life has been catching fire amongst people, it is better that you keep your windows sealed tight to prevent all the pollutants and heat coming inside your house. But even after so much of effort, the killer is hiding inside your own house, slowly suffocating you and waiting to attack with weapons like stress, asthma, allergies and other health problems. You might be slowly growing the kingdom of Indoor Air Pollution inside your house without noticing.
Indoor Air Pollution, as the name says is the pollution of the environment inside your house. This deadly kingdom has an army of pollens, VOC’s, aerosols, carbon dioxide and CFC’s that are grown by your own living and lifestyle habits. Not blaming you, I know you were not aware of it.
What causes this Indoor Air Pollution? Well the reasons are very basic and simple, your respiration, your wall paint, perfumes and deodorants, room fresheners, old and decaying flowers, dirty hidden corners of floor and walls in your house, for instance behind your refrigerator, old store rooms, bathrooms etc. your unattended and dirty air conditioner filters, dust in the house, all are the armies of the evil pollution kingdom. They cause suffocation, watering of eyes, asthma, skin irritation, bad odor in the house and other health problems. In case you have any toddler or old grandparents in your house living with you, you need to be more careful as their immunity is weaker than and healthy adult and they might easily fall sick.
Now how do we get rid of it? All these problems can come to an end by just growing some indoor plants in a pot inside your house. Plants are the lungs of this planet and they will help you to purify the atmosphere inside your house. Keep your windows open for an hour or two in the early morning to chase most of the air pollutants out of your sweet house. Avoid spraying hairsprays and deodorants like crazy to limit the levels of aerosols up to minimum. And please check your air conditioner filters and keep cleaning and changing them as they get dirty. Air conditioners with a dirty filter can act as the biggest source of pollutants inside your house.
These were the easy tips to help you make your home the safest place to breathe for your family and loved ones. We can easily win over the evil army of Indoor Air Pollution and keep diseases far away from your home sweet home!

The Welcome Note

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my blog. I am not much of a writer but I am very health conscious person. While going through tons of pages in Google to find out about just one problem, it occurred to me that why not put all the latest and most asked health problems and queries at one place for everyone and of course my convenience. Hence on fine Sunday morning, I created this small place where you can come and seek information about your health problems in all simple words and ask questions. So, enjoy reading fellas.